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Votive plaques called "Tamata" or "Ex Voto" are traditional Greek images on stamped metal charms used to convey wishes for many purposes: the new house, the healthy baby, the new love (the heart symbol is a wonderful Valentine at any time of the year!!!), the successful operation, the watchful eye, etc. They are used in churches and homes, with incense and candles along with the family icons. Tamata are similar to Milagros in the Latin tradition. They can be used as mementos in holiday tree decorations, as pendants in jewelry, and in collages. Many different metals have been used for tamata over hundreds of years, and old hammered silver pieces can be quite valuable. The new type that we are offering are much nicer and more durable than the bendy, silver-plated tin pieces sold since the 1940's. They are made of a mixed base metal called Alpaca and look like old silver.

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