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Matte Ceramic Beads

Would you like to order BY SHAPE or BY COLOR?

Mykonos Beads Matte Ceramic Beads are kiln-fired terracotta biscuits that are then dyed with a myriad of colors. In addition to bright and earthy tones in solid colors, we also offer matte ceramic beads in metallic finishes and speckled colors (beads are splashed with additional colors).

We had a great year of increased sales in Matte Beads for 2019, so, THROUGH FEBRUARY 15 ALL MATTE CERAMICS WILL SHIP AT 25% BELOW OUR REGULAR PRICE as an incentive for you to buy more colors and shapes in 2020! You will see that some overstocked items and discontinued colors are already shown at 20% and 35% discounts. These will be adjusted properly (to 25 or 35% depending on the item) on your shipping invoice.

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