Wholesale Beads, Leather Stringing Cord, and Jewelry Findings
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Wholesale Beads, Leather Stringing Cord, and Jewelry Findings


(Photos and jewelry courtesy of Rachael Montejo)


Verdigris is the beautiful green patina occurring naturally on copper with the weathering of time, or in proximity to the sea.
It is also a pigment, used by artists for centuries, created
chemically with various techniques using acids applied to copper.
From the French: Verte de Grece (green of Greece) because much of this pigment was created in Greece.


For many years in our Greek workshops, we have finished both our Copper Castings Lines
and Copper Metalized Ceramics with this Green Patina.


Our jewelry makers have seen how this unique green works wonderfully with all manner of copper and bronze tones;
and many shades of blues and greens in gemstones, glass and Mykonos Ceramics.




We have been forced to implement a 10% surcharge this year on all of our beading supplies, except for our Linen Threads and Leather cords. We are hoping to be able to “hold the line” there, but production costs are rising every month. For now, we have not adjusted prices on this website, so the surcharge will only show when goods are packed and shipped.

SALE: 50% off: Ceramic Bead Clearance


We offer 10,000 choices in wholesale beads and beading supplies, including Greek Ceramic Beads and Metal Castings, Leather Cord, Spacer Beads, Recycled Glass Beads, Raku Beads, Brass Beads and Jewelry Findings. For 48 years now, Mykonos Beads has been known for color and texture in quality handmade products.

Please browse through the menu listed here and our BEAD SAMPLERS for an enticing glimpse of our bead palette. Click on the INFO section at the top of this page to learn how to get started with our products. For wonderful and affordable gifts, please check out our gift site, GreekFleaMarket.Com.


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